Buenos Aires, Argentina August 30, 2018, August 31, 2018, September 01, 2018
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CFP closed at  July 18, 2018 00:07 UTC

It’s the 5th edition of the premier Latinamerican coworking event for DevOps, Developers and IT, organized by sysarmy, the Argentinian IT community.

Attendees will be surrounded by people with similar skills, interests and hobbies creating the ideal environment for collaboration.

Attendees can:

  • Find help from more experienced professionals (or help others!)
  • Attend talks and workshops
  • Present their own projects in a lightning talk
  • Be part of side activities and competitions
  • Return to the office with more knowledge and a smile will take place from Aug 30 to Sept 1 at El Centro Cultural San Martín, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

  • Aug 30: Coworking + Side activities
  • Aug 31: Tech talks + Coworking
  • Sept 1: Nerd talks + Coworking + After Hours

CFP Description

We are going beyond the DevOps hype and our expectation is to have a full smoke-free conference with talks about real DEV-DATA-QA-SEC-OPS (tools, good practices, troubleshooting, delivery, team management, etc). This year the idea is to include all topics that help professionals on their daily jobs. Although is ops-centric we all need skills from the full stack (the real one, not the one in job descriptions) to collaborate with others.

We would like to have a common thread throughout the event so each talk adds increasing value to the audience. Don’t worry, it will be on us to coordinate with speakers how to achieve this.

Topics we like:

Infrastructure and architecture, do’s and don’ts
Cloud infrastructure, running a datacenter, setting a datacenter on fire, etc.
Orchestration / Configuration management
GNU/Linux, BSD, MSDOS, Xenix, etc.
Development pipelines, shipping code from dev to prod (how to do it and how not to do it).
QA/QC for sysadmins
Security, secure infrastructure, dealing with BYOD, secure apps
Development: $program_language for ops, writing simple tools with go/python/pascal
Databases: mysql, postgres, nosql too. scaling, monitoring, configuration 101, etc.

Did we forget about the nerd topics? Not at all. is also a provocative, inspiring, DIY, poor-man’s, low resources experience. We’d like to learn about the cutting edge nerd stuff you are doing so talks about IoT, 3D printing, videogames, explosives, chemistry, physics, astronomy (and astrology), psychology, medicine, music, art, etc. are highly ranked too!

Criteria for selection:

  • Speakers from all backgrounds are welcomed and we do not take in consideration age, gender, social background, or work area, as long as it’s related with the topics mentioned above.
  • Our priority is always our audience and not the speaker. Self-promoting lectures will not be considered, despite the speaker’s seniority or popularity.
  • Lecture’s content must be of interest for our audience and the topics involved must be highly relevant and complementary to the previous ones. You should not only be inspirational, but also educational and enlightening. You can refer to our YouTube channel for practical examples:
  • Final decision and selection is done internally by the core team. We will contact you to follow up on confirmation and logistics.