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Toronto, ON, Canada July 03, 2018, August 07, 2018, September 04, 2018, October 02, 2018, November 06, 2018, December 04, 2018, January 08, 2019, February 05, 2019, March 05, 2019, April 02, 2019
Tags: Devops, Culture, Scaling, Cicd, Workshop, Talk, Panel, Lightning, Logging, Monitoring, Alerting, Saas, Paas, Iaas, Security, Compliance, Serverless, Automation, Infrastructure, Cloud, Workflow, Agile, Data

CFP closes at  March 01, 2025 11:03 UTC

DevOps TO is a monthly meetup series, bringing together Toronto’s most agile and innovative minds to hear and talk about software delivery, scale, operational excellence and the latest tools and techniques in cloud tech. We’re over 5000 members and always looking for interesting speakers to join us.

We love to hear about:
* Personal experiences with failures/bugs/transformation
* Security and Compliance
* Scaling
* Continuous Delivery
* Microservices
* ‘Serverless’ tech
* CI/CD pipelines
* Continuous Deployment techniques
* Team organization and culture
* Logging / Monitoring / Alerting
* Tech-as-a-service (PaaS, IaaS)
* Data (Streaming, Transformation, Storage)

Here’s a great example from a local friend of the meetup at our annual conference: Hany Fahim

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