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Join us at the Croatia AI Startup Summit 2024, an exclusive gathering of the most innovative and groundbreaking startups working in the AI sphere in Croatia. This dynamic two-day event, held in beautiful Zagreb, offers a unique opportunity to connect with emerging AI entrepreneurs, established technology companies, and venture capitalists interested in exploring the burgeoning Croatian AI ecosystem.

Moreover, the “Investor Pitch Session” will give select startups the chance to present their business models and ideas to a panel of venture capitalists and industry leaders.

CFP Description

All talks and workshops in the field of Artificial intelligence are welcomed. Some topics we would like to see covered include the Internet of Things, blockchain, cloud technology, disinformation, threat intelligence, digital forensics, zero trust technology, identity and access management (IAM), data privacy, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), automation, secure development (DevSecOps), and drone technology.

Speaker Bio (please include your LinkedIn profile URL) Presentation Title Description High level talking points Length of your presentation (e.g., 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour) or proposed workshop (2 hours or 4 hours) List of at least 3 actionable takeaways that attendees can implement after your talk

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