CFP closed at  February 16, 2020 06:00 UTC

Chicago PowerShell Conference

Join us on Saturday, June 13, in Chicago, Illinois, for a one-day conference focusing on all things PowerShell! The day will include content for professionals of all levels, and is being advertised as a full day of learning for our attendees. This event is open to speakers of all skill levels and is an excellent opportunity to get experience in presenting content to an audience.

Things to know before you submit:

  • We encourage first-time speakers to submit a talk!
  • We welcome with open arms all speakers of all levels. If in doubt, submit a talk!

Things you can do to get ready:

  • Put PowerShell Saturday Chicago 2020 on your calendar: Saturday, June 13, 2020
  • Follow us @PWSHChicago
  • Check out our website

CFP Description

The audience is a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced PowerShell users spread across many different areas of IT. Talks should be more code and demo driven than slides. It is certainly okay to use slides, but we would prefer to have as much live demo material, and interactions between speakers and participants as possible. Recorded video is also acceptable as backups to live demos.

Conference rooms will be university classrooms and lecture halls. All rooms will have video screens, and projection technology to assist with presentations. You must bring your own laptop for the presentation. We will provide information on what adapters might be needed to successfully connect to classroom projection systems.


We welcome any and all topics as long as they have a PowerShell aspect to them. If you are not sure, submit anyway!

Some possible topic subjects can be Azure, AWS, Terraform, PowerShell 101, Functions, Modules, Git/GitHub, Clous, DevOps, Automation, Puppet, Ansible, anything you can think of!