Workshops for Developers (Vancouver)

Vancouver, BC - April 06, 2019, February 23, 2019, March 02, 2019, March 30, 2019, April 20, 2019, May 04, 2019, May 18, 2019, June 01, 2019, June 15, 2019
Tags: Graphql, Android/java, Webgl, Web mapping, Typescript, Unit testing, Electron, Docker, Unix scripting, Test driven development, Solidity, Ui/ux, Web design, Web extensions, Devops, React native, Redux, Ar/vr, Computer science, Data science, Soft skills, Open source, Iot, Blockchain, Ai/machine learning

CFP closes at  December 31, 2019 14:12 UTC

About Us

Devhub is a community space for developers of all levels. Our mission is to engage the developer community and provide a hub where devs can come to work, learn, and exchange knowledge. We achieve our mission, in part, by putting on educational events for developers including Lunch&&Learns and Workshops.

Workshops for Developers

Half or full day hands-on Workshops aimed to expand the skill set of developers. These usually happen twice a month on Saturdays, and tickets for attendees are $100 each. Speakers will be paid for their time. Example here.

Devhub events are a great platform for current & aspiring speakers in the tech community to network, share their knowledge, and become part of a bigger initiative promoting lifelong learning. We collaborate with our speaker partners to build interest on a topic through our Lunch&&Learn series, then expand on these ideas in depth and through hands-on learning in a Workshop format. If you are approved for a Workshop, we will ask you to also give a Lunch&&Learn beforehand, though this is not mandatory.

These are educational events - while we welcome you to mention your company and their product/service if relevant, this should not be the main focus.

CFP Description

Background Information

The Commitment:

  • In-person at Devhub Vancouver
  • 4-6 hours on a Saturday is our regular scheduled time, though there is some flexibility

The Experience:

Workshops provide education in new and specialized areas in order to strengthen and diversify Canada’s developer community. Attendees often take their learning back to their workplace, apply it in building a side project, or add it to their resume to remain competitive in today’s market. While attendees may have different motivations, they all walk away having learned something exceptionally useful.

  • A combination of lecture and hands-on learning
  • Tutoring and mentorship
  • Code-alongs, projects, and application-focused learning
  • Prep-material beforehand is ideal for less experienced developers

The Audience:

  • 1-5 year experienced developers who are are looking for hands-on application of a particular subject area
  • Desire to ramp up their career skills, either by upgrading an existing skill or learning something completely new that is highly relevant
  • Their employer may have asked them to attend in order to bring the learnings back to their workplace or enhance their skill set
  • An intimate workshop for ~10 attendees
  • Open to all who purchase a ticket

The Support:

  • We provide a classroom setting with a TV, whiteboard, and speaker podium
  • We survey the attendees for feedback and research

What We’re Looking For

Speaker Partner:A paid opportunity for an experienced developer with a passion for education and the desire the grow the developer community. Hosted as a ticketed community event, typically $100/ticket.


The best workshops come from a place of experience, but also passion. Cover something you enjoy and want to share with your peers. Here are some subject areas developers want to learn more about:

  • Devops
  • Blockchain
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • AR/VR
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Soft Skills (non-technical)
  • Open Sources
  • IoT
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Android/Java
  • WebGL
  • Web Mapping
  • Typescript
  • Unit Testing
  • Electron
  • Docker
  • Unix Scripting
  • Test Driven Development
  • Solidity
  • UI/UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Extensions

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